Conference on carbon capture in the cement industry – Maastricht, Holland

From January 19 to 24, the Hub’s managing director took part in the Innovation in Industrial Carbon Capture Conference 2020: “Industry working towards the Paris Agreement” in Maastricht, Holland. This event, highly-focused in connection with the Hub’s work, was organized by the LEILAC project. The presentations were followed by a visit to the pilot project for CO2 capture at the HeidelbergCement plant in Lixhe. Here are the major takeaways from this conference, in connection with the cement industry:

  • Maximum increase in alternative fuels to replace fossil fuels.
  • Introduction of various products to do more with the same ton of clinker.
  • Sequestration is an essential action in strategies aimed at carbon neutrality for cement plants. It goes hand in hand with the use of CO2.
  • Tests with technologies for use of CO2 adapted to cement to move towards carbon neutrality by 2050.